We know how important it is to have the right information guiding our interaction with children. We also understand the effort parents put into making the right decisions for their children. The parent handbook answers all the questions you might have about your child’s time at Kids3 Blackfalds Daycare.

We also put together a set of links to websites that contain useful information about topics such as government subsidy, nutrition and such other topics that might help be helpful to parents. Have a look!

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Our facility will be closed one week during the Christmas break between Christmas and New Year( from the 24th December to the 3rd of January). The center re-opens on the 4th of January.

The Centre will not remain open beyond the regular closing hours which is 5:30 PM unless arrangements have been made for evening care at least two week in advance. If the parent/guardian is aware that they are going to be late to collect their child(ren) due to unavoidable circumstances, the Centre should be notified and arrangements must be made to have the child(ren) picked up as soon as possible.

Due to the operational and staffing costs incurred when a parent/guardian is late, a late fee will be charged. When a child is not picked up by 5:30 pm, one staff will remain at the daycare until the child is picked up.

Holidays Charges You will be charged for your child’s daycare space if the child is on Holidays. It is not reasonable for us to lay-off staff when we have some children on holidays or not attending due to sickness or other reasons. The staff are hired and paid on a permanent employment basis.